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Performance & Career Coaching

Bill Florin is a John Maxwell Team Certified Coach. Let's discuss how coaching can help you grow, develop and reach your goals.

Career Performance Excellence Kick-Start Program
This six-session program (each session is 60 minutes) incorporates the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment and a review of the client’s career history. A thorough discussion of the client’s current state and goals for the future is included. Clients will be encouraged to create short-term action plans to build momentum and to learn the basics of SMART goal setting and working within a coaching relationship that uses celebration of success and accountability as key ingredients. This is also appropriate for navigating career changes and job searches. This package is typically completed within 45 – 90 days based on client needs and availability.
Investment: $595 (additional sessions $85) Request Free Consultation

Sustainable Change Coaching Program
This 18-session coaching program takes place over six months (three times monthly) and is designed to leverage the advantages of a longer-term coaching relationship to accomplish some bigger, more significant long-term goals. The program also begins with the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment. The coaching conversation will have a wider scope, incorporating the Resu-mazing Services Company Life Inventory Worksheet tool to consider priorities outside of career considerations. This program includes email support and communication between sessions. Investment: $1,495 (additional sessions $85) Request Free Consultation

Transformational Change Coaching Program
This 12-month engagement uses a phased schedule that is more intensive in the beginning (three sessions monthly for the first three months) and twice monthly for the next nine (27 sessions total) to continue the coaching dialog over an extended period to create client transformation. This program begins with the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment, the Life Inventory Worksheet, and an in-depth discussion about life priorities to help the client develop short, mid, and long-term goals. The intent of this program is to create transformational change in the client, with work directed toward identifying and building on purpose. This program includes email support and communication between sessions. Investment: $2,395 Request Free Consultation

Customized packages and group coaching plans also available.

Upgrade Policy: At the end of each package, clients may upgrade to longer-term coaching packages to take advantage of the reduced per-session rate available with those options. A “Kick-Start” client may upgrade to “Sustainable” or “Transformational” packages, and a “Sustainable” client may upgrade to “Transformational.”

Coaching Packages Billed As Follows: Kick Start (6-session) Package: Two installments, one-half to begin, one-half after the third session Sustainable Change Package: Monthly in advance (six payments) Transformational Change Package: Monthly in advance (12 payments)  

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