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Résumés - Cover Letters - Thank You Letters. Resu-mazing career marketing documents work! Hundreds of delighted clients have experienced the power of a professionally prepared, CPRW-written resume package. Be sure to consider the Career Marketing Complete and Resu-mazing-360 development options. Click here for the details.

LinkedIn - Social Media Profile Preparation. LinkedIn has continued to grow and is now a vital component of a successful job search. With a Resu-mazing LinkedIn profile, you will have the material you need to complete your profile with content design to capture recruiters' attention. This is not a copy-and-paste of your resume, but specialized material written for the needs of social media environments. Click here for details.

Employment Interview Coaching. Getting the appointment for the interview is only the first step. Performing well and getting a job offer is the real goal. You will work with Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP) Bill Florin to get ready to impress. We can work over the phone, via Skype or in person in our Monroe office to prepare you to tell your stories and sell your personal brand in a successful job interview. Click here for the details.

Career Coaching Services. Reach your performance potential with effective and confidential coaching. We will work together to identify your priorities and how to achieve your goals. Click here for the details.

A Word About Your Investment

Every package and service is custom, and each will require a varying amount of work. Resu-mazing Services Company strives to deliver the best value in the industry by providing fast, responsive service, collaboration to clearly understand your needs and goals, and finished work that will get great reviews from recruiters, hiring managers and other career professionals. Contact Resu-mazing today for a free, no-obligation project proposal and quote. You will be delighted with the value and the experience.

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