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Useful Sites

There are many web sites that can be helpful during a job search. With dozens of job sites listed below, there is something for everyone. Check out these resources. If you have a favorite site that is not listed here, or find a dead link, please let us know by email at All sites were visited in December 2022 to update this list. (Inclusion in this list does not imply endorsement by Resu-mazing Services Company. Use this tool at your discretion.)

JOB SEARCH SITES Jobs in retail, including some of the biggest and regional players. (Verified Dec 22) Programming, developer, and web development. (Verified Dec 22) Job search, company/employer reviews, salary research, and relevant articles make this an interesting site to visit. (Verified Dec 22) Trucking, transportation, and logistics. (Verified Dec 22) Jobs for those with federal security clearances. (Verified Dec 22)​ General use job board. (Verified Dec 22)​ College student internships and entry-level positions for recent grads. (Verified Dec 22)​​ Design, graphics, commercial art and other creative jobs. (Verified Dec 22)​​​ Technology jobs. (Verified Dec 22)​​​​ Tech jobs. It has been around for years and has a respected presence in the IT space. (Verified Dec 22)​​​​ A site for diversity-driven candidates and employers. (Verified Dec 22)​​​​​ Financial careers. (Verified Dec 22)​​​​ Energy industry jobs and resources with a focus on connecting energy-industry students to professional opportunities. (Verified Dec 22)​​​​ Financial careers, though it seems a little less focused based on a recent visit. (Verified Dec 22)​​​​ Flex schedules, telecommute/WFH, part-time, freelance. (Verified Dec 22)​​​​​ Community classifieds, including jobs. A craigslist alternative. (Verified Dec 22)​​​​​ this dominant search engine's robust job aggregator. Just type your targeted job title followed by "jobs" in the search bar. The system will show jobs near you. (Verified Dec 22) Healthcare job listings. (Verified Dec 22)​​​​​ Big data, analytics, technology.  (Verified Dec 22)​​​​​  This is one of the dominant sites. If you are unemployed, create an account, upload your resume, and be found.  (Verified Dec 22)​​​​​ Information technology. (Verified Dec 22)​​​​​​ Full-time, part-time and gigs. An aggregator. (Verified Dec 22)​​​​​​ Logistics. (Verified Dec 22)​​​​​​​ Manufacturing.  (Verified Dec 22)​ Trucking.  (Verified Dec 22) A generic job search engine. (Verified Dec 22)!/ This is an online portfolio builder for creatives that includes a job search page for graphic and digital designers. (Verified Dec 22) A site that gets bigger every day. LinkedIn is a one-stop shop for networking, recruiting and job searches. And you can be found if you have a solid profile. (Verified Dec 22)​ Media jobs. (Verified Dec 22)

http// A list of employers who open the door for veterans. (Verified Dec 22) It's been around forever and is still going. This should be in your "Top 10" list.  (Verified Dec 22)​ Job site for the 50+ seeker. With employer reviews. (Verified Dec 22)​​ Sales jobs, though lacking in focus based on a recent visit. (Verified Dec 22)​​ Another popular aggregator. Results are similar to (Verified Dec 22)​ Job search, salary search, tax calculator, and other tools worth a visit. (Added and verified Dec 22) Tech by Nexxt. (Verified Dec 22) General job board. A little tough to navigate. (Verified Dec 22) Government jobs. If you want to work for the federal government, this is your site. Speak to Resu-mazing about a federal resume first. (Verified Dec 22) With veteran-targeted branding, this is part of, so it might not be particularly focused on veterans. Check it out and decide for yourself. (Verified Dec 22) Telecommute/virtual opportunities for programmers and developers. (Verified Dec 22) Internships. (Verified Dec 22) One of the big ones. Lots of jobs here. During a December 2022 visit, it starts the user engagement with a guided process to narrow the search. (Verified Dec 22)

GENERAL ADVICE This new site by the Department of Labor lets you enter your skills and experiences and the computer generates a list of jobs to explore. An interesting exercise, especially for those considering a change. (Verified Dec 22) This site sponsored by the US Department of Labor has information on salaries, job hunting strategies and other free resources that you may find valuable. Also includes job search powered by states' departments of labor data. (Verified Dec 22) This is another DOL sponsored site that is great for first time job seekers or those reentering the workforce. It includes an interests surevy, career browsing, highlights of jobs with bright prospects and green jobs. You may learn something about yourself using the interests survey. (Verified Dec 22) The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides this comprehensive resource that includes information about nearly any career your can imagine. Learn what the job is about, education, the outlook for that job and other important information. This is a tremendously valuable resource that you are paying for with your taxes, so why not use it? (Verified Dec 22)