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Useful Sites

There are many web sites that can be helpful during a job search. With more than 50 job sites listed below, there is something for everyone. Check out these resources. If you have a favorite site that is not listed here, or find a dead link, please let us know by email at

JOB SEARCH SITES Nothing but healthcare jobs. This site will show you job listings through the many state labor offices. Advertising and marketing jobs. Jobs in retail, including some of the biggest and regional players. Programming and web development. Take a few minutes to explore the channels that are available here. Channels are available by industry, geography and other criteria. Very useful. This aggregator has some attractive features, including Facebook log-in and a job sorting feature that attempts to match openings to your credentials. It claims to have 2 million+ jobs here. Job search, salary research, and relevant articles make this a "must favorite" site. Another useful site, though likely to duplicate what you have already found from the others. Jobs requiring security clearances. Certified Nursing Assistant job search and career resources. College student internships and entry-level gigs for recent grads. Design, graphics, commercial art and other creative jobs. Technology jobs. Tech jobs. It has been around for years and has a respected presence in the IT space. Diversity. Financial careers. Energy industry jobs. Entry-level positions. Financial careers by Flex schedules, telecommute, part-time, freelance. Community classifieds, including jobs. A craigslist alternative. Programmers, developers, technology. Healthcare jobs and career news. Healthcare by Beyond. Job board aggregator. Big data, analytics, technology.  This is a very handy aggregator site that is fast and reliable. Internships. Information technology. Luxury brands, beauty, high-end retail. Full-time, part-time and gigs. An aggregator. Logistics. Manufacturing. Trucking. A generic job search engine.!/ Creative and technology For female Millennials / Gen Y. A site that gets bigger every day. LinkedIn is becoming a one-stop shop for networking, recruiting and job searches. Tons of jobs search stuff. Media jobs.

http// Employers who open the door for veterans. One of the biggest and best. It definitely has the name recognition. Don't make this your only stop, though. The US National Library of Medicine offers this resource for people exploring nursing and related professions. A jobs search engine that pulls positions directly from employer websites, other boards, and other sources. Worth a visit. City-centric job boards. Job site for the 50+ seeker. With employer reviews. Sales. Sales by Beyond. Security and loss prevention. Another popular aggregator. Results are similar to Technology, programmers, developers. Advertising, marketing, design, creative, web. Tech by Beyond. General job board. A little tough to navigate. Commercial truck driving jobs with links to many companies with jobs they need to fill now. Government jobs. and offer information on salary and career outlooks by state and city. Links to jobs are also provided. Marketing, design, tech, sales, business development. Veterans' jobs with military-friendly companies. Telecommute/virtual opportunities for programmers and developers. Internships. A large and growing aggregator. Lots of jobs here. 

GENERAL ADVICE This new site by the Department of Labor lets you enter your skills and experiences and the computer generates a list of jobs to explore. An interesting exercise, especially for those considering a change. This site sponsored by the US Department of Labor has information on salaries, job hunting strategies and other free resources that you may find valuable. This is another DOL sponsored site that is great for first time job seekers or those reentering the workforce. It includes an interests surevy, career browsing, highlights of jobs with bright prospects and green jobs. You may learn something about yourself using the interests survey. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides this comprehensive resource that includes information about nearly any career your can imagine. Learn what the job is about, education, the outlook for that job and other important information. This is a tremendously valuable resource that you are paying for with your taxes, so why not use it?