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Military Transition Services

Resu-mazing Services Company is pleased to offer reduced-fee services for veterans transitioning from active duty to the civilian workforce. Resu-mazing has worked with many veterans from all US military branches since its founding in 2009. Additionally, Bill Florin, company president, served in the US Army Reserve (military police) and comes from a military family, so we can understand your career story and ask the right questions to write the best resume possible.

Transitions require veterans to tell their stories in a way civilians will understand. Military jargon needs to be replaced with civilian-friendly language. We will help you do that by helping you convey the value of your experience and qualifications.

Resume & Cover Letter Packages
Fees based on rank at time of separation

E1 – E4: $249 (Comparable to Resu-mazing’s New College Graduate Package)
E5 – E7: $349 (Compare to Mid-Career Package Civilian Rate of $375 - $545)
E8 and Above: $495 (Compare to Senior Manager Civilian Rate of $545 - $695)

W1 – W4: $495 (Compare to Technical Professional Civilian Rate of $545 - $695)

O1 – O4: $495
O5 – O7: $695
O8 and Above: $849

LinkedIn Profile
E1 – E4: $169
All Other Ranks: $289 

Employment Interview Preparation
Two-Session Preparation Service
E1 – E4: $149
All Other Ranks: $199 (